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On November 6, vote for your Official Westville Democratic Team

Russ Welsh
for Westville Mayor

• Mayor since 2008
• Member of Westville Council since 2001
• Vice President at Monro Inc.
• Married to wife Heidi with three children: Russ, Kyle, and Madison

Michael Ledrich
for Westville Council

• Resident of Westville for 41 years
• President of Westville Soccer
• Council President for 10 years and Member of Westville Council for 21 years
• United States Air Force Veteran (Vietnam-Era)
• Married to Doris with two sons, both graduates of Gateway Regional High School


Bruce Nordaby
for Westville Council

• Lifelong Resident of Westville
• Lifetime Member of Westville Fire Department
• Coached youth sports in Westville for 30 years
• Served as Vice Chairman of Westville Fire District for 14 years
• Married 27 years to Pam with a son and daughter, both Gateway High School graduates




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